Blues & Soul (UK)

“Rest assured you are in for a great ride with this fresh sounding, string laden, soul stirring album… A real touch of class!” – the mighty Blues & Soul Magazine on MOMO SAID‘s brand new album “Break The Rules” out now on LP & Digital via Tam Tam Studio!


Kicking off with the infectious and boogie brightness ‘Sunny Side Of The Streets ‘ seems to be a great ploy. The mood enhancing joy factor kicks in and you can be rest assured you are in for a great ride with this fresh sounding,string laden soul stirring album.There’s some pathos too especially in the seductive ‘Time Gives Lessons’. Yes even the Zappa type, rap track is as groovy as hell with sly popping JB type horns and jazzy funk guitar peppered with eastern atmospheres. ‘Loverman’ is my personal fave a groovy homage to Curtis Mayfield (especially the phrasing!) Momo Said makes sure his tunes marry a sophisticated relationship with melody,harmony and the rhythmic nature of each composition comes merrily shining through. There’s some special chemistry happening here, the sinuous and sensuous energy has been captured and proves to be a fertile vehicle for Momo’s engaging vocals.Momo Said is without doubt a real touch of class.I bet he’s great live act too…..