My Woman

Out on: Tam Tam Studio Rec.


God Make Me Funky

Momo Said & the Shockolates

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My Woman/God Make Me Funky is the new 7” from Momo Said & The Shockolates, a really double A side, to be slowly enjoyed along a good mint tea.
Front side is “My Woman”, born on melody inspiration from Mariwana by Soul Syndicates, the historical 70’s reggae band. As it has been released, Chinna enjoys the new version and decides to sign the tune along Momo Said.
The result is that new Reggae/Pop version, made of a same time sunny and groovy sound.
The flip side, “God Make Me Funky” it is a Soul/Funk classic of the 70s, composed by “The Headhunters”, Herbie Hancock’s historical group, now reviseted in a Reggae / Funk style, perfect for the dancefloor.
A played record, from the beginning till the end by Momo Said & The Shockolates, a precise sound research, almost as a mysterious vinyl found on dusty shelfs.


Release: TTS150670

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